Apply for ILAPP Funding

You must contact the Project Manager, Richman Wee, to discuss your proposed research before making an application. Expressions of interest which abstract your proposed research, can be sent to Richman after discussion.  Full applications are made online – see the link at the bottom of this page.

Richman can be contacted at:

Phone: +64-4-595 1123
Mobile: +64-21-623 622

There are three opportunities to apply for grants in 2018.  The deadlines are:

  • Wednesday 28th February;
  • Friday 22nd June; and
  • Wednesday 31st October.

Applications can only be made after a preliminary discussion with the Project Manager.


Applications opened on 24 August 2016 and will remain open for as long as there is still funding available for this project – expected to be for a period of two-three years.

Applicants will be advised after their application is received when they can expect to receive a decision on their application.

Once received, expressions of interest, abstracted applications or full applications, will be referred to the project’s Advisory Review Committee (ARC) as necessary for review and assessment against the wider project objectives.  The ARC will make recommendations to the board of the New Zealand Law Foundation on applications.

Application Process

Projects should align with the broad project themes for the project.  Applications are made using the same process as is used for all Law Foundation legal research applications.

Full information on our application process, what to include in your application and how to apply online can be downloaded in this 17-page Guidelines for Grant Application PDF.  Please also read the Project Overview and Research Themes for ILAPP, and review the Standard Grant Terms to familiarise yourself with the terms that will apply to your grant if successful.

Special points relating to ILAPP applications

Research proposals submitted for ILAPP funding should align with the project’s broad themes.  Importantly, research applications need to clearly identify and discuss relevance in relation to the project themes, as well as the value and outcomes expected to be achieved by the research.  Refer to section 4.3.c of the Guidelines for Grant Applications for more information before applying.

There are  important features of ILAPP that are set out in the guidelines relating to independence, collaboration, practical application, and future focus.  These must be specifically addressed in research proposals.

The following criteria need to be addressed in research proposals.  The project Advisory Review Committee will review and assess research proposals according to these criteria.

  • The degree to which the proposal’s objectives, plan, projected outputs and outcome are future focussed and will be of relevance and value.
  • The degree to which the proposal’s objectives, plan, projected outputs are achievable with regard to the proposed methodology, personnel and budget.
  • The degree to which the proposal’s budget is appropriate in light of the proposed methodology, contracted personnel, and objectives and projected outputs.
  • The degree to which appropriate collaboration and make-up of research teams has been achieved to ensure that the best mix of New Zealand’s expertise is employed.
  • With regard to any application that relates to a previous proposal that has been funded, or any application that requests for the next phase of funding:
    • The degree to which the previously funded proposal’s objectives and projected outputs have been achieved, and
    • The degree to which what has been achieved by the previously funded proposal is of relevance and value.
  • The extent to which the proposal maintains cohesion and coherence in its research plan.

Refer to section 4.3.c of the Guidelines for Grant Applications where this is explained in more detail.

Once you have reviewed all this information and discussed your proposed project with the ILAPP project manager, then follow the Apply Here link below to start the application process.

Applications are made online.  Apply Here

Note:  Our system does not work well with Internet Explorer, so we recommend you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or similar browsers.

After you have completed your application, if you do not receive an email from the Foundation accepting your application then please contact us to check it has been received. 


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