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7.4 Press releases

7.4.1 General form

The format for citing press releases is as follows:



Title of press release

Description of document




Air New Zealand

“Lock-out notice issued to EPMU”

(press release,

21 April 2009)








Eg Air New Zealand “Lock-out notice issued to EPMU” (press release, 21 April 2009).

7.4.2 Author

Give the author’s name in accordance with rule 6.1.2. Where the press release is issued by a company, give the company’s name.

If the press release gives no author, omit this information.

7.4.3 Title of press release

Give the title of the press release in double quotation marks, with spelling and capitalisation as per the original (unless the original is in all caps, in which case capitalise only the first letter of significant words).

Quotation marks within a title of a press release should be single.

Retain any italicisation within the title of a press release.

Also retain the original spelling of the title.

7.4.4 Description of the document

In the description of the document indicate the fact that it is a press release or media statement, and include any official citation details.

When citing official press releases by ministers or departments, include the official government document reference.

Enclose the description of the document and the date in round brackets. Accordingly, the left hand bracket precedes the description of the document and is followed by a comma.

7.4.5 Date

Give the date the press release was published in full followed by the right hand round bracket.

7.4.6 Pinpoint

Include a pinpoint where possible.

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