Projects we have funded

Since 1992 we have supported legal research and public education on legal issues by providing over $30m in funding for legal research grants and law scholarships.

The links in the upper right hand menu (and further down this page) will provide detail on all projects we have funded. Information on projects funded under our Information Law and Policy Project is available here.

Follow the links (lower right) for application guideline information on Legal Research Grants and General Law Grants (including support for speakers at legal conferences) or to start the application process, click here.

Information for applications for Scholarships and Awards is available on our Apply for Scholarships page.

Here is a breakdown of how our funds have been spent:

Legal Education/Assistance for the Public $ 2.09m
Legal Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops $ 2.35m
Legal Research & Publications $ 15.55m
Services to the Legal Profession $ 2.52m
Legal Education for the Profession & Law Students $ 2.62m
Public Addresses $ 0.28m
Scholarships & Awards $ 3.71m
Council of Legal Education (1992-2008) $ 1.62m

Legal Education and Assistance for the Public

Conferences, Seminars, Symposia & Workshops

Legal Research & Publications

Services to the Legal Profession or the Wider Legal Market

Legal Education

Public Addresses


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