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1.2.4 Currency

When referring to monetary amounts, give the three-letter currency code followed by the amount in figures.

Eg On receipt of the money in Hong Kong, the defendants withdrew USD 754,650 and converted it into HKD 5,884,400.

The International Organization for Standardization maintains a list of currency codes. The relevant standard is ISO 4217. At the time of publication, the list was available at <www.currency-iso.org/en/home/tables/table-a1.html> and at <www.xe.com/iso4217.php>.

It is unnecessary to use the three-letter currency code if the currency is obvious from the context, for example in New Zealand writing where the only amounts referred to are in New Zealand dollars. In such cases, simply give the currency symbol, for example $, £ or ¥.

Eg The plaintiff purchased the property for $1,467,000.

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