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10.4.3 General form for other United Nations materials

In general, it is sufficient to cite other United Nations materials using the United Nations document number.

Early United Nations materials, however, do not have document numbers. When citing such material, include the session number.



Session number (if applicable)

United Nations document number


Pinpoint reference


Report of the Economic and Social Council for 2005

UN Doc A/60/3

(15 August 2005)

at 5







Eg Report of the Economic and Social Council for 2005 UN Doc A/60/3
(15 August 2005) at 5.

(a) Author and title

Include the author’s name if given. Give the title in italics.

Eg Fatma Zohra Ksentini Report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment UN Doc E/CN.4/Sub.2/1994/9 (6 July 1994).

(b) Session number

If the document does not have a United Nations document number, give the session number.

Give the session number in Roman numerals after the title followed by a comma. If the document is from a special session, indicate this by putting “S-” before the session number.

(c) United Nations document number

If available, give the United Nations document number exactly as it appears on the document (including slashes and full stops). Preface the number with “UN Doc”.

(d) Date

Include the full date of the document within round brackets at the end of the citation.

(e) Pinpoint reference

Include any pinpoint reference after the year.

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