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2.1.2 The location of citation information

Do not include the full citation of an authority in the main text.

Use only the name of the case or title of the work in the main text and then give the full citation in the footnote.

The first time a case is cited give the full citation in the footnote. Even if the name of the case is referred to in the main text, include it in the footnote. Give subsequent references in accordance with rule 2.3.1.

Eg In the main text:

In R v Wang the Court of Appeal held that there are two limbs to s 48 of the Crimes Act 1961, one involving a subjective view of the circumstances as the accused believed them to be and the other an objective view as to the reasonableness of the force used in self-defence or defence of another in those circumstances.1 The Court said that force includes not only the use of physical power but also a threat to use physical power.2

In the footnotes:

1 R v Wang [1990] 2 NZLR 529 (CA) at 534.

2 At 535.

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