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3.5.4 Minute book reference

(a) General rule

The minute book reference follows the year of judgment. For all Māori Land Court decisions, the minute book reference consists of the minute book volume number, the full title of the minute book and the folio number. References to the Māori Appellate Court minute books and Chief Judge’s minute books follow the same format except that they do not have a volume number.

Eg Goldsmith – Lot 72B 3G2 Parish of Matata (2017) 175 Waiariki MB 99 (175 WAR 99).

Eg Keepa v Vercoe – Ruatoki B92 [2015] Māori Appellate Court MB 189 (2015 APPEAL 189).

(b) Do not abbreviate

Include the full title of the minute book but abbreviate “Minute Book” to “MB”.

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