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3.5.5 Citation

(a) General rule

The minute book citation in round brackets follows the full minute book reference.

Eg Matchitt – Parekura Hei Road, Part Te Kaha Block (2004) 10 Waiariki Appellate MB 253 (10 AP 253).

Eg Matchitt v Butler – Matangareka 3B (2017) 177 Waiariki MB 170 (177 WAR 170).

Citations to the Māori Appellate Court minute books and Chief Judge’s minute books include the year of the judgment in place of a volume number.

Eg Tito v Tito – Mangakahia 2B2 No 2A1A [2017] Māori Appellate Court MB 336 (2017 APPEAL 336).

(b) Background

Incorporating the full wording of the minute book (for example Rotorua Appellate MB) as well as the citation (10 APRO 32) will assist Māori Land Court staff to find the case being cited. This remains important as in some instances judgments are only available from the Māori Land Court.

In addition, it is necessary to have the minute book reference citation as there are currently many different Māori Land Court minute books and different abbreviations. For example, to simply put “Chief Judge’s MB” could lead the user to a number of different minute books. There are various Chief Judges’ books, with various abbreviations such as CJ, CJTK, CJTA, WHCJ, CJTW, CJWM and CJW.

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