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6.1.9 eBooks

(a) eBooks also available in hardcopy

Many legal texts, and other hardcopy books, are available in eBook format. Cite eBooks that are also available in hardcopy in accordance with rule 6.1.

These eBooks will often include page numbers determined by the device on which they are read. These can vary between devices and cannot be used for pinpoint references. Some devices will display both sets of page numbers.

When paragraph numbers are given, use those for pinpoint references. In the absence of paragraph numbers, use the original page numbers if they are provided. When the original page numbers are not given, or it is not clear whether a page number is original, the pinpoint reference should be determined by recourse to the hardcopy where possible.

Eg Geoffrey Robertson The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse (Penguin Books, London, 2010) at [94].

Eg Philip A Joseph “The Rule of Law: Foundational Norm” in Richard Ekins (ed) Modern Challenges to the Rule of Law (LexisNexis, Wellington, 2011) 47 at 53.

(b) eBooks not available in hardcopy

Some eBooks are only available electronically. Cite such eBooks as closely as possible with rule 6.1. Indicate that the text is an eBook by writing “eBook ed” after the edition number and before the name of the publisher. Omit the place of publication.

Eg Paul Grussendorf My Trials: What I Learned in Immigration Court – Inside America’s Deportation Factories (2nd ed, eBook ed, eBooks by Barb, 2011).

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