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6.2.6 Pinpoint reference

(a) Generally

A pinpoint reference for an essay in an edited book or a text where each chapter has an identified author may be to a page or, if the essay or chapter has paragraphs, to the paragraph.

(b) Footnotes

When giving a pinpoint reference to a footnote or endnote, give the reference to the paragraph or page in which the footnote or endnote appears followed by a comma and “n x” where “x” is the number of the footnote or endnote.

Eg Gareth Jones “A Topography of the Law of Restitution” in PD Finn (ed) Essays on Restitution (Law Book Company, Sydney, 1990) 1 at 19, n 108.

(c) Subsequent citations

If another essay or chapter from the edited book has already been cited, cite the details of the edited book again in full. Subsequent references to an essay or chapter from an edited book should refer to the first instance in which the particular essay or chapter is cited (rather than the first instance in which the edited book is cited).

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