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6.3.7 Service update and date of access

As a general rule, it is unnecessary to include the service update being referred to or the date that the electronic version of the text was accessed. However, if you consider that this information is necessary, it may be included. It is unnecessary to include this material in order to indicate the currency of the work; this can be done by an introductory footnote stating when an article or essay was written.

Eg Andrew Beck and others McGechan on Procedure (looseleaf ed, Brookers, updated to 10 July 2009) at [HRPt14.15(1)].

Eg John Burrows (ed) Land Law (online ed, Thomson Reuters, accessed 31 May 2018) at [PL2.02].

Where no service update or access date information is provided in the citation, the citation is presumed to be referring to the source as at the date of the publication of your piece.

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