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6.4.4 Year

Give the year of the journal in round brackets if the journal has independent volume numbers. Most journals follow this format.

If the year is also the volume number of the journal, give the year in square brackets.

Eg Jessica Palmer “Theories of the Trust and What They Might Mean for Beneficiary Rights to Information” [2010] NZ L Rev 541.

Eg Paul Rishworth “Common Law Rights and Navigation Lights: Judicial Review and the New Zealand Bill of Rights” (2004) 15 PLR 103 at 107.

If the volume spans more than one year, use the year of the particular article.

Eg Volume 30 of the University of Chicago Law Review covers the years 1962–1963. The citation of an article written in 1962 is:

Bernard Meltzer “Organisational Picketing and the NLRB: Five on a Seesaw” (1962) 30 U Chi L Rev 78.

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