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7.1.9 Cases

The usual rules for the citation of cases apply. If possible, cite to a printed report series. If the case was not reported, cite according to the usual rules of neutral citation.

If neutral citation has not been adopted in the jurisdiction, cite the case in the same manner as unreported New Zealand cases.

Only when insufficient information is provided to cite by any of these methods should reference be made to the website or database from which the case was retrieved.

When using cases from online databases, be careful to avoid using the proprietary citation system used by the database (indicated, for example, by the abbreviation “WL” for Westlaw), unless the proprietary citation information is the only citation information available.

If a database gives an indication of the pagination or paragraph numbers of the original case, use that information. Use online sources that include this information, such as official sites, in preference to other online sources.

Eg Majrowski v Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Trust [2006] UKHL 34.

NOT Majrowski v Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Trust 2006 WL 1887041 (HL).

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