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7.2.5 Place of publication

(a) Place of publication

Give the place of publication following the newspaper title preceded by the left-hand, round bracket.

Where a publication does not identify with a specific city or town, give the country of publication.

If the newspaper is published outside New Zealand, include the country if this would aid retrieval of the article.

(b) Online edition

Where an online edition of a newspaper is used, the place of publication should be preceded by “online ed,”.

The place of publication of the hardcopy of the newspaper should be given even where an online edition is being cited. This is because the place of publication may be necessary to distinguish between newspapers in different cities or countries that have the same name, for example The Times.

When citing to an online edition it is unnecessary to give the URL. URL addresses for newspaper and magazine articles are often long and subject to change. Using a search engine, such as Google, it should be possible to easily find the article with the other information contained in the citation.

Eg “Lexington: The Next Supreme Court Justice” The Economist (online ed, London, 15 April 2010).

Eg Mary Scholtens “Judges as entitled to the rule of law as any other citizen” The Dominion Post (online ed, Wellington, 22 June 2010).

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