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8.2.2 Court identifiers

(a) Reported cases

When citing a reported case, include a court identifier, in accordance with rule 3.2.7. Use the court identifier adopted in the official neutral citation (in accordance with what follows below, the jurisdiction identifier may be removed if it is evident from the report series). A list of Australian court identifiers used in neutral citations is included in Appendix 2. As the Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR) principally contain decisions of the High Court of Australia, it is unnecessary to include a court identifier. However, judgments of the Privy Council formerly appeared in the CLR. When citing a Privy Council judgment, indicate this by using (PC) as the court identifier.

(b) Jurisdiction

When citing a decision of a state or territory court and the jurisdiction is not evident from the report series, include a jurisdiction identifier before the court identifier without a space.

Eg Transfield Constructions Pty Ltd v GIO Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (1996) 9 ANZ Insurance Cases ΒΆ61-336 (NSWCA) at 71,716.

Use the following jurisdiction identifiers:

Australian Capital TerritoryACT

South AustraliaSA

New South WalesNSW


Northern TerritoryNT



Western AustraliaWA

Where the jurisdiction is evident from the report series, give only the court identifier and not the jurisdiction.

Eg South Australia v Johnson (1982) 26 SASR 41 (SC).

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