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8.2.1 Report series

(a) Official report series

The official report series for High Court of Australia decisions is the Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR).

The official report series for the Federal Court of Australia is the Federal Court Reports (FCR).

The current official report series for the states and territories are: New South Wales Law Reports (NSWLR); Northern Territory Law Reports (NTLR); Queensland Reports (Qd R); South Australia State Reports (SASR); Tasmanian Reports (Tas R); Victorian Reports (VR); and Western Australian Reports (WAR).

A table of all the official report series for the various Australian jurisdictions is set out in Appendix 2. Where available use the official report series in preference to unofficial report series.

(b) Unofficial report series

Some of the official Australian report series are not commonly available in New Zealand. Accordingly, it is permissible to cite widely available unofficial report series if these are more readily available. One of the more commonly available Australian report series is the Australian Law Reports (ALR).

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