News Item

May 2019

Resource Management Reform Project releases Working Paper 1

EDS has released its first working paper as part of Phase 2 of a Law Foundation-funded Resource Management Law Reform Project. The project is taking a first-principles look at how New Zealand’s resource management system could be improved.

Phase 1 of the project outlined three potential models for what a future system could look like. Phase 2 is now looking at designing a single preferred model.

This working paper looks at criteria for reform, and concludes by offering three alternative sets of criteria that could be applied: a “progressive” set, a “transformational” set, and a “market-led” set. It does not yet select one of them – this is a task for the next stage of this work.

Phase 2 of the project will culminate at the end of the year with the release of a final paper, which will describe a preferred model and a pathway to implementation over time.

Link to EDS media release on Working Paper 1
Link to EDS’s Working Paper 1 – PDF 80 pages

This project is being funded jointly by the NZ Law Foundation and Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation up to $240,000


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