Apply for Grants

Applications for legal research grants, general law grants and Information Law & Policy Project grants, will be considered from institutions, organisations and individuals for projects or research that are in keeping with the principles that guide Law Foundation funding decisions.

There are three opportunities to apply for grants each year. 

Deadlines for grant applications in 2018 are:

  • Legal Research and General Law grants: Wednesday 28th February; Friday 22nd June; and Wednesday 31st October.
  • Information Law & Policy Project grants:  Wednesday 28th February; Friday 22nd June; and Wednesday 31st October.
  • Conference funding grants: Wednesday 31st October.

Applications are made online on this page for all grant types using the link below.  Before applying for grants please read the application guidelines and standard grant terms documents, then contact our Director to informally discuss preliminary ideas before submitting proposals: Lynda Hagen phone 04-499-1038.

For Information Law & Policy Project (ILAPP) applications, please refer to the information on the project page before applying.

Application Guidelines & Process

Full information on our grants, what to include in your application and how to apply online can be downloaded in this 19-page Guidelines for Grant Application PDF.  You should read this document before applying, then follow the Apply Here link below to start the application process.  Please also review the Standard Grant Terms to familiarise yourself with the terms that will apply to your grant if successful.

Note:  Our system does not work well with Internet Explorer, so we recommend you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or similar browsers.

Applications are made online.  Apply Here.

If you do not receive a notification that your application has been successfully submitted, then please contact us to check it has been received. Phone Lynda Hagen on 04-499 1038 or email if you have any queries or concerns with your application.

For information about all previous grants we have funded Click Here


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