Conferences, Seminars, Symposia & Workshops

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Year Project Title Grant Amount 
2015Annual National Conference - Hui-a-Tau 2015 [3-5 September 2015]$ 7,000.00
2015Private Law Roundtable$ 5,000.00
2015Symposium: International Organisations and the Rule of Law$ 7,000.00
2015Law and Medicine Symposium: Professor Loane Skene [15 April 2016]$ 1,330.00
2015Seminar Series: Trusting the middle-man: perceptions of justice and ombudsman services$ 7,000.00
201513th Australasian Property Law Teachers Conference 14-15 April 2016$ 10,000.00
2015ANZELA Conference - 28-30 September 2016$ 1,800.00
2015AMINZ - IAM 2016 Conference: "Dispute Resolution on the Edge" [3-5 March 2016]$ 16,523.00
2015Symposium: 175 Years of Interpreting the Treaty of Waitangi [15 Feb 2016]$ 11,180.00
2015Conference: Maritime Law in the Asia-Pacific Region$ 7,000.00
2015Law of Obligations Symposium [5 August 2016]$ 4,634.00
2015Colloquium: 40 Years of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976: Reflection and Reform [8/9 Dec 2016]$ 20,000.00
2015Annual Conference of the Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA), 7-9 July 2016$ 36,000.00
2015Magna Carta 800th anniversary: Visit of Prof Paul Brand, All Souls College, Oxford$ 1,800.00
2015Common Grounds: Nueva Zelanda y América Latina – Una Perspectiva Jurídica$ 10,000.00
2015Conference: Rights, Liberty and Equality: Runnymede to the Beehive [25 Sept 2015]$ 9,000.00
2014Conference: The Changing Landscape of Corporate Law [7 August 2014]$ 7,500.00
2014Conference: New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years [13-14 November 2014]$ 5,000.00
2014Responsibility Symposium$ 4,000.00
2014Conference: Weaving Strands: Raranga nga whenu - The First Aotearoa Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence$ 10,000.00
2014Conference: Family Violence, Restorative Justice and the Legal System$ 10,000.00
2014Conference: Māori Engagement in NZ’s Extractive Industry: Innovative Legal Solutions$ 9,140.00
2014Canterbury Women's Legal Association - Professional Women's Conference [9 October 2015]$ 3,000.00
2014AMINZ Conference 2015$ 22,225.00
2014Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Conference [Wellington 13-18 September 2015]$ 12,000.00
2013Conference: Key Issues in the Design of Capital Gains Taxes$ 13,000.00
2013Conference: Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa – Theory and Practice$ 19,000.00
2013World Bar Conference 2014 - Advocates as Protectors of the Rule of Law$ 50,000.00
2013Conference: New Thinking on Sustainability & Visit by Professor Gerald Torres$ 5,500.00
2012World Indigenous Lawyers Conference 2012$ 20,000.00
2012Women Judges Asia-Pacific Regional Conference$ 17,500.00
2012Conference: 11th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium$ 20,000.00
20122013 Legal Executives' Conference$ 5,000.00
2012Conference: Unearthing New Zealand's Constitutional Traditions$ 24,330.00
2012Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand [AMINZ] 2013 Conference [25-27 July 2013]$ 27,000.00
2012Conference: People, Power and Place - ANZ Law and History Society$ 12,576.00
2011ANZSIL 20th Annual Conference$ 22,420.00
2011Conference: Legal Method Common Law Taxonomy [29 June 2012]$ 30,000.00
201113th International Criminal Law Congress 2012 [12-16 September 2012]$ 30,000.00
2011Conference: Pacific Law and New Zealand$ 15,000.00
2011CISG Advisory Council Annual Meeting [July/Aug 2012]$ 46,375.00
2010Legal Executive Conference [29 August 2011]$ 5,000.00
2010Conference: Growing Stability in the International Economic Order [June 2011]$ 15,000.00
2010Conference: Justice in the Round [18-20 April 2011]$ 16,000.00
2010Conference: International Commercial Dispute Resolution [26 Nov 2011]$ 15,000.00
2009Conference: "New Zealand Legal Method V: Modern Challenges to the Rule of Law" (Auckland, 23 Oct 09)$ 4,500.00
2009Conference: Reconstituting the Constitution (2-3 September 2010)$ 25,000.00
2009Conference: 'Critic and Conscience?' - Annual Conference of the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (8-10 Dec 2010)$ 12,000.00
2009Conference: Trans-Tasman Law and Legal Practice - 27-28 August 2010$ 7,000.00
2008Conference: Responding to Contemporary Challenges and Threats to Antarctic Security: Legal and Policy Perspectives$ 10,000.00
2008Conference: Property Rights and Sustainability$ 23,000.00
2008Conference: Australian & New Zealand Law and History Society Conference 2009 (11-13 Dec 09)$ 5,660.00
2008Conference: "We the People(s)": Engagement and Participation in Government (11-12 Feb 2010)$ 35,000.00
2008Conference: "Twenty Years After the Cartwright Report: What have we Learned?"$ 16,500.00
2007Conference: "The Constitutional Implications of MMP: 15 Years Past, 15 Years Forward"$ 13,000.00
2007Conference: "Patent Law Reform - Getting it Right to Support and Drive Innovation"$ 28,100.00
2006Conference: Regionalising International Criminal Law$ 5,000.00
2006Conference: "Beyond Retribution - Advancing the Law and Order Debate"$ 8,000.00
2006Conference: NZLS Legal Executives Conference 2006$ 5,000.00
2006Hui-A-Tau 2006 - Annual National Conference$ 5,000.00
2006Second International Symposium on the Law of Remedies - Advancing the Common Law of Remedies: Praxis and Pedagogy throughout the Commonwealth$ 20,000.00
2006Conference of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists$ 765.00
2006Conference: New Zealand Legal Method IV - The New Zealand Bill of Rights Revisited$ 13,333.00
2006Conference and Festschrift in Honour of Sir Kenneth Keith: "From Professing to Advising to Judging"$ 30,515.00
2006Symposium in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the New Zealand Maori Council vs Attorney General (1987) 1 NZLR 641 Court of Appeal Decision$ 5,000.00
2005Conference Speaker: Professor Avrom Sherr$ 4,275.00
2005Conference: "The Changing Landscape of Medico Legal Risk"$ 6,000.00
2005Conference: Salmond Symposium$ 10,000.00
2004NZLS Youth Advocates Conference - Performance by Te Rakau Hua O Te Tapu Trust$ 5,000.00
2004Legal Information Symposium 2004: Positioning for the Future$ 10,000.00
2004Conference: 2nd Annual NZCPL Conference on the Primary Functions of Government$ 24,200.00
2004Conference: NZ Legal Method III - Law, Social Justice and the Role of the Courts$ 15,000.00
2004Conference: "Trajectories of Law in History: the Future Behind Us"$ 15,000.00
2003Conference: "Joined Up Services: Linking Together for Children and Families"$ 3,767.00
2003Australian New Zealand Society of International Law - 2003 Annual Conference$ 7,900.00
2003Hui a Tau - Annual National Conference$ 6,600.00
2003The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Scholarship, Maori Engagement and Student Participation$ 8,034.00
2003Justice and Reconciliation Conference$ 5,000.00
2003Conference: New Frontiers in Restorative Justice$ 32,000.00
2002Visit to New Zealand by Dr Radhika Coomaraswamy, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women$ 8,950.50
2002Conference on Protected Landscapes$ 16,311.00
2002Family Court Seminar Series "At Least Two Parents"$ 50,000.00
2002Conference: New Zealand Legal Method II - Making and Interpreting Statutes$ 12,000.00
2002"Taking Torrens into the 21st Century" - A Conference to mark the 50th anniversary of the Land Transfer Act 1952$ 25,000.00
2002Visit by Hans van Loon, Secretary-General Hague Conference on Private International Law$ 8,500.00
2001Conference: New Zealand Law Librarians Group 2002$ 36,000.00
2001Roles and Perspectives in New Zealand Law: A Conference in Honour of Sir Ivor Richardson$ 13,000.00
2000New Zealand Triennial Law Conference - 2001$ 35,000.00
2000Conference: "The New Zealand Legal Method"$ 10,000.00
1999Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care Incorporated [DSAC] Seminars$ 8,000.00
1999Children's Rights Conference$ 4,646.00
1999Conference: Community Bound? Deinstitutionalisation - Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues$ 10,000.00
1999Conference: New Zealand Law Librarians' Group Conference 2000$ 20,000.00
1999Conference: Legal Executives Conference Forum 2000$ 8,500.00
1998Conference: NZ Family Law Conference 1998$ 25,000.00
1998Conference: 1998 ALTA Conference - "Deep South Law Conference"$ 5,000.00
1998Conference: "Youth Justice in Focus"$ 35,000.00
1998Conference: Property and the Constitution$ 25,000.00
1998Conference: "International Intellectual Property Law and the Common Law World"$ 4,000.00
1998NZ Law Conference 1999 - Gender Equity Stream$ 50,000.00
1998Conference: "Liberty, Equality, Community: Constitutional Rights in Conflict?"$ 50,000.00
1998Conference: "Liberty, Equality, Community: Constitutional Rights in Conflict?" - Student Attendance$ 10,000.00
1997Conference: International Environmental Law$ 30,000.00
1997Pilot Training Programme for Law In Schools Firm/School Partnership Participants$ 12,278.00
1997Conference: NZ Law Librarians Group 1998$ 30,000.00
1997Conference: National Legal Studies Teachers 1998$ 6,000.00
1996Conference to mark Lord Cooke's Retirement: "The Struggle for Simplicity"$ 50,000.00
1996Symposium to Celebrate Centenary of Women in Law in NZ$ 31,603.00
1996Legal Information and Education Seminars$ 3,490.00
1996Legal Workshops for the Film Community$ 3,000.00
1996Residential Tenancy Law Training Sessions for Community Law Advisors$ 1,573.00
1995Conference: NZ Historical Association$ 1,500.00
1995Speaking Tour: Tony Marshall, International Authority on Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation$ 1,000.00
1995Seminar: Human Rights$ 2,000.00
1995New Zealand Law Conference 1996 Dunedin$ 22,500.00
1995Conference: "Rape: Ten Years Progress?" - An Inter-Disciplinary Conference$ 10,000.00
1994Seminar Programme: - Sir Apirana Ngata Centenary Celebrations$ 2,500.00
1993Attendance at Annual ALTA Law Teaching Workshop 1993$ 1,600.00
1993Conference: Australasian Law Students Association Conference 1994$ 12,000.00
1992New Zealand Law Conference 1993$ 100,000.00


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