August 2014

The Changing Landscape of Corporate Law - 1-day conference


The Changing Landscape Conference will question whether the law that governs business enterprise, the Companies Act 1993, has adapted sufficiently to the 21st century business landscape and will make suggestions for changes where it has not.

Eminent international and New Zealand speakers will draw on international legislative developments and thinking and apply it to New Zealand company law and practice.

Conference speakers include Professor Joe McCahery, Professor of International Economic Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands; Professor Ian Ramsay of Melbourne Law School; Professor Douglas Branson of the University of Pittsburgh in the United States; Professor Zhu Ciyun of Tsinghua University in China; Professor Peter Watts QC of Auckland University and Professor Susan Watson of Auckland University.

Registration information is now available from the conference organisers, the Legal Research Foundation.

The Law Foundation is funding up to $7,500 towards bringing the keynote speaker Professor Joe McCahery to New Zealand, and towards student attendance costs