September 2015

University of Auckland - Therapeutic Jurisprudence Conference - Weaving Strands: Nga Whenu Raranga


The conference theme “Weaving Strands: Nga Whenu Raranga”, signifies the unique weaving together of cultural understandings, legal practice, procedure and philosophy in Aotearoa to the international concept of therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ). It will showcase the concept of TJ across a variety of contexts.

This conference is timely given the proliferation of specialist courts that are shaped by the principles of TJ, as well as the emphasis of restorative justice across the criminal justice system which shares many core features with TJ. It is hoped that delegates will gain an informed understanding of TJ as a global law reform model capable of helping to tackle some of the most complex and difficult social problems.

Attendees are expected from Australasia and beyond and from a diverse range of occupations: legal practitioners, criminal justice professionals, members of Non-Government Organisations involved with health and social sector care, as well as academics from the disciplines of law, criminology, sociology, health sciences, psychiatry, psychology and nursing.

The Law Foundation is supporting the conference by helping to bring keynote speakers to New Zealand.

International keynote speakers:
Professor David Wexler, the “architect of therapeutic jurisprudence” – his address will be on the future of TJ and on moves in US, Australia, NZ to “mainstream” the approach into legal systems. He will also teach a 1 week master class in University of Auckland Faculty of Law on TJ.
Michael Perlin, Professor of Law at New York Law School where he is Director of the International Mental Disability Law Reform Project and Director of the Online Mental Disability Law Programme. His address will focus on the potential for TJ within the context of human rights.
Professor Ian Freckleton is a QC in the State of Victoria. He is a Professorial Fellow in Law and Psychiatry at University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor of Law at Monash University and AUT. He serves on a number of review boards in Victoria and is Editor of Journal of Law Medicine and the Journal of Psychiatry Psychology and Law. His address will trace the development and impact of TJ in Australia.

New Zealand keynote speakers:
Judge Lisa Tremewan sits in the Waitakere District Court and was instrumental in the development and implementation of NZ’s first Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court. Her keynote address will be on specialist courts and the unique ways in which TJ practices are being applied in Aotearoa.
Professor Chris Marshall, Chair of Restorative Justice at Victoria University of Wellington, is internationally renowned for his seminal work in the area of restorative justice, and a qualified restorative justice facilitator. His address will focus on the intersections of the legal philosophies of restorative justice and TJ, and the potential implications for victims of crime.
Khylee Quince, a leading Maori academic in the field of youth justice and criminal law will provide the opening address for the conference.

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The Law Foundation is providing funding of up to $10,000 towards bringing three international keynote speakers to this conference.