April 2016

University of Canterbury - 13th Australasian Property Law Teachers' Conference 2016 - Protecting Property through Legislative and Technological Change


The Australasian Property Law Teachers’ Conference is a biennial conference, which attracts legal academics from throughout Australasia including Singapore and Hong Kong. This year the conference has attracted significant interest from participants in Canada.

The Law Foundation is providing funding to bring keynote speaker Audrey Loeb, a Canadian expert in conveyancing and condominium law, and to support the attendance of law students from NZ law schools.

The conference theme is intended to encompass new developments and emerging areas in real and personal property law.

Papers will be presented on a wide range of topics including:

  • Protecting property in multiple ownership or multiple use situations
  • Handling of private property interests following natural disasters and the interface with private and state-run insurance schemes
  • Property and future trends in technology
  • Wider issues concerning the theory of private property rights in contemporary society.

Link through to the conference website

The Law Foundation is providing funding of up to $10,000 towards bringing the keynote speaker and towards the attendance of 2 law students from each New Zealand law school.