July 2016

VUW - Annual Conference of Australasian Law Teachers' Association (ALTA)


The 2016 ALTA Conference will bring together lawyers from Australasia and around the world, from the four sectors – academia, the public sector, non-government organisations and the private sector. It will also mark the 70th anniversary of ALTA.

The theme for this year’s conference is Advancing Better Government, Sustainable Economies, Vibrant Communities – Laws Role?

The Law Foundation is contributing funding to bring speakers to the conference and towards the preparation of a conference publication.

Keynote plenary events will be led by world-renowned experts. Parallel sessions will enable established academics and new and emerging scholars to present their work and engage with speakers and participants. Some of the parallel sessions will be allocated to ALTA interest groups, to convene and reflect on the future direction of their particular area of specialisation; others will be organised according to conference sub-themes with papers discussing various topics.

The conference will be an opportunity to explore the role of law teachers, scholars and lawyers in promoting good governance, strong and resilient economies mindful of the environment, as well as multicultural, diverse and thriving societies. A forum will be held to discuss the role law teachers and scholars should play in forming the next generation of graduates, practitioners, government officials and civil society advisers.

Further information about the conference

The Law Foundation is providing funding of up to $36,000 towards bringing speakers to the conference and towards editing the conference publication.