September 2016

25th Annual Australia and NZ Education Law Association (ANZELA) Conference


Every fourth year the NZ Chapter of ANZELA* hosts the organisation’s annual conference. This year it is being held in Auckland and the theme is “Compliance, Creativity and Culture: balancing regulatory demands and educational values”.

Schools and tertiary education organisations need increasingly to comply with legislative and regulatory frameworks while still trying to retain key educational values. Education is about creativity, citizenship and cultural diversity but preserving these in a risk-aware environment is an ongoing challenge.

Keynote speaker Professor Laurence Boulle, whose visit is being funded by the Law Foundation, will provide insight into ways of meeting this challenge. Presently based at the Australian Catholic University, he has taught at other universities in Australia, in New Zealand, the Pacific, Africa and Europe.

Attendees will primarily come from Australia and New Zealand, but also from South Africa, United States and China. The conference will be of interest to education lawyers; primary and secondary school trustees, principals and senior staff; government officials from the Ministries of Education in NZ and Australia; representatives from teacher unions and academics from tertiary education.

The Law Foundation is providing funding of up to $1,800 towards bringing Professor Boulle to the conference as a plenary speaker.

*ANZELA was established in Australia in 1991, with a New Zealand Chapter being formed in 1998. The objectives of ANZELA include the promotion of research, education and activities relating to law education.