February 2017

Launch of research report "Last Line of Defence - compliance, monitoring and enforcement of New Zealand's environmental law"

~~~~28 February 2017 – WELLINGTON

Dr Marie Brown’s EDS research report is being launched on Tues 28th Feb in Wellington. The report builds on previous Law Foundation funded EDS reports and aims to contribute to the national dialogue on environmental enforcement.

Evaluating environmental enforcement practice provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a regime and helps to better target expenditure and effort to areas most likely to reduce risk of harm.

This report has three key aims:
1. To educate readers about the importance of compliance, monitoring and enforcement (CME) of environmental law
2. To demonstrate empirically the current state of play in CME around the country and across several agencies and several regimes
3. To identify key issues and solutions that will assist in strengthening regulatory outcomes.

Launch information
Acquiring a copy of the research report

The Law Foundation has granted up to $62,500 towards this research, and the dissemination of it.