April 2017

University of Auckland - Public address on "Brexit" by Professor Alan Page from University of Dundee


Professor Page, one of Scotland’s leading constitutional lawyers, will be visiting University of Auckland from 1-6 April. He is giving a public address in Auckland with Professor Paul Craig who is visiting from Oxford:

University of Auckland public address “Leaving Europe: The Legal and Political Implications of Brexit”

On Fri April 7th Professor Page will give a lunchtime public address at VUW titled “How we are Governed” with commentators Andrew Butler and Mamari Stephens.

VUW public lunchtime address “How we are Governed” hosted by the NZ Centre for Public Law

Professor Page is presently undertaking a study of comparable-sized Parliamentary systems and investigating the appropriate balance between political and judicial controls on governmental power.

About Professor Alan Page

The Law Foundation is providing up to $2,380 towards bringing Professor Page to New Zealand.