July 2017

Corporations and Other Legal Entities for Society and Future Generations - Symposium & Public Lectures

~~~~12 JULY 2017, VUW – LAW FACULTY
International speakers will contribute to a symposium (13th July) and a public lecture (12th July) and seek to investigate the nature and the structure of business corporations and other legal entities.

They aim to:
1. Identify the shortcomings in the current legal framework governing them, in terms of achieving social goals
2. Suggest public and private-ordering intervention to overcome the shortcomings
3. Enhance a comprehensive understanding of their potential to positively impact society
4. Explore new forms of symbiotic interaction between legal persons and humanity.

International speakers include:

Associate Professor David Ciepley
Professor Lynn Stout – by video only
Dr Sergio Alberto Gramitto Ricci

Public Lecture on 12th July by Associate Professor David Ciepley:
“The Chartered Corporation as a Governance Technology: Colonial Empire, Constitutional State and Business Firm”.

Information about the public lecture at VUW

The Law Foundation is providing up to $13,400 towards bringing speakers to the conference.