October 2017

ATRIP Conference - "The Object and Purpose of Intellectual Property"


ATRIP, Advancement of Teaching and Research of Intellectual Property, is the preeminent global association of intellectual property teachers and researchers. Its current president, Professor Susy Frankel, will host their 2017 conference at Victoria University in October this year. This will provide a unique opportunity for those involved in intellectual property to engage with the global issues and worldwide perspectives on intellectual property.

The opening address will be given by Professor Annette Kur from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, ATRIP President 2007-2009. The conference will be of interest to teachers and researchers, policymakers in government and practitioners.

ATRIP members attending the event include scholars from leading universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Beijing Normal University, Toronto, Ottawa and several universities in South East Asia, Japan, India, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Conference details

The Law Foundation is providing up to $20,250 towards bringing speakers to the conference.