March 2018

Symposium - The Future of Class Actions


The current law relating to class actions in New Zealand is significantly under developed when compared to other jurisdictions. The lack of legislative guidance on class action litigation is problematic to the judiciary, practitioners and, most importantly, class action parties in a climate where class action litigation is increasing. The need for legislative intervention has been widely discussed.

The University of Auckland in conjunction with the New Zealand Centre for Law and Business will host a one-day symposium to provide a forum for international class action academics, practitioners and members of the judiciary to discuss the future of class actions in New Zealand. Speaking topics include the economic implications of class-wide actions, the future of class actions in Australia, the United States and New Zealand, litigation funding in class actions and security for costs where a litigation funder is involved.

The Law Foundation is providing support to bring two speakers to this event:
– Professor Brian Fitzpatrick, Faculty of Law, Vanderbilt University, USA
– Dr Malcolm Stewart, Law and Economics Consultant, England

More information about the symposium

NZ Law Foundation has awarded up to $20,000 towards the costs of bringing keynote speakers Professor Brian Fitzpatrick (Vanderbilt University, USA) and Dr Malclom Stewart (Law and Economics Consultant, UK) to this symposium