August 2018

Conference - New Horizons for Torrens - Current Reforms, Emerging Issues


This is a major international conference on the new Land Transfer Act 2017 (NZ) that will apply from later in 2018. The Act substantially reforms New Zealand’s Torrens system of land registration a system that is also used in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK (in a modified form), and other jurisdictions.

The modern automated system of land registration is fully incorporated in the Act, and other important changes to principles such as indefeasibility of title, State guarantee, and the availability of compensation are made. A major reform is a discretion for the courts to override indefeasibility of title in appropriate cases. These changes are important in the practice of property law, and judicial decision-making. The reforms will also provide a useful model to law-makers in other Torrens jurisdictions. The conference will provide a unique and authoritative forum for description, analysis and discussion of these many reforms. A book of edited papers will be produced after the conference.

Law Foundation is contributing towards bringing the following speakers:


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NZ Law Foundation has awarded up to $24,000 towards the costs of bringing international speakers and editing of the conference publication