November 2019

2019 Common Ground Nation Building Governance CANZUS Symposium


Te Mata Hautu Taketake Maori – Maori & Indigenous Governance Centre (MIGC) will host the Symposium being run from Waikato. It’s anticipated that fifty international delegates from representative Indigenous Governance Institutions will take part.

The symposium will open at the MIGC within Te Piringa Faculty of Law and Waikato Tainui’s endowed College of Research at Hopuhopu in Hamilton. The delegation will view presentations from, and make site visits to various tribal groups to gain personal insight into the world of Maori governance. A key objective of the symposium is for delegates to share indigenous governance challenges and successes, to observe and experience successful Maori governance models, to collaborate and workshop together, and to produce a number of quality indigenous governance publications.

More details about the symposium, its speakers and programme, will be published when available.

The Law Foundation is contributing $20,000 towards bringing international speakers to this symposium

*CANZUS is Canada, New Zealand, Australia