August 2019

Workshops - options for reforming trial process in acquaintance rape cases

~~~~28 AUG 2019, AUCKLAND
~~~~30 AUG 2019, WELLINGTON

Professor Elisabeth McDonald and Paulette Benton-Greig will present findings and reform proposals from their research into rape cases – adult acquaintance cases and comparator cases from Specialist Sexual Violence Court Pilot.

Workshop participants include international experts on rape law reform:

Professor Vanessa Munro (University of Warwick)

Associate-Professor Julia Quilter (University of Wollongong)

Note – Professor Munro is also giving the 2019 Shirley Smith Address entitled “Judging Juries: The ‘Common Sense’ Conundrums of Prosecuting Violence Against Women”. This will be held at the Grand Hall on 29th August and is a free public event but attendees need to register due to Parliamentary security.

Shirley Smith Address registration information

NZ Law Foundation in conjunction with the Borrin Foundation has awarded up to $16,355 towards bringing two international speakers and towards workshop costs


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