Legal Education and Assistance for the Public

Year Project Title Grant Amount 
2000Youth Justice Task Force$ 83,000.00
2016Youth Justice Framework - Iwi Justice Project$ 50,000.00
1996Video: Waitangi Tribunal Claims Process$ 44,050.50
1995Video: The Jury$ 15,000.00
1993Video: 'Witness in Court'$ 15,000.00
1997Video: Welfare Guardianship, Personal and Property Orders and Enduring Powers of Attorney Issues entitled 'Power to Care'$ 20,000.00
1995Video: Kids In Court$ 10,000.00
1992Video: Domestic Violence$ 50,000.00
1992Video Resource for Schools - 'What Do Lawyers Do?'$ 12,000.00
2002Video for Children and Young People Facing Parental Separation.$ 32,615.00
2016Update and Reprint Booklet: 'The Law and You - A Guide for Youth and Adolescents'$ 5,000.00
2014The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act: Progressing the Conversation$ 15,000.00
2013The Maori Law Resource Hub Project$ 18,000.00
2017The case for an unwritten constitution$ 5,000.00
2000Sexuality and the Law - A Guidebook for Health and Community Workers and Educators$ 18,000.00
2000Samoan Community and the Law$ 32,430.00
2019Retirement Village contracts: Are consumers getting a fair deal?$ 19,810.00
1999Restorative Justice Procedural Pilot$ 15,000.00
1998Resource Management Act Video: 'Getting in on the Act'$ 5,000.00
1997Radio Programmes: 'You and the Law'$ 16,500.00
1992Radio Programmes on Legal Issues for Print Disabled Listeners$ 4,500.00
1994Publications: Funding of Legal Pages [LegalEase] in 'Tearaway' and 'TeacherTopics' Magazines - 1995$ 10,000.00
1993Publications: Funding of Legal Pages [LegalEase] in 'Tearaway' and 'TeacherTopics' Magazines - 1994$ 15,734.00
1992Publications: Funding of Legal Pages [LegalEase] in 'Tearaway' and 'TeacherTopics' Magazines - 1993$ 17,639.00
2000Publications: Funding of Legal Pages [LegalEase] in 'Tearaway' and 'Teacher Resource' Magazines - 2001 & 2002$ 35,496.00
2015Publication: Constitution of Aotearoa New Zealand$ 10,000.00
1993Publication: 'Law Scene'$ 12,455.00
1992Publication: Legal Resource Manual$ 73,030.00
1994Publication: 'Law Scene'$ 9,455.00
2017Pro Bono Pilot: Unlocking potential through the litigant-in-person problem$ 59,941.00
2018Practical solutions to support tikanga in the Rangatahi Courts$ 87,000.00
2010Police DVD Resource for Deaf and Hearing Impaired New Zealanders$ 15,000.00
1995Pamphlet: Information for Victims and Witnesses$ 6,800.00
2019Online Legal Information in Aotearoa A PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY THE BORRIN FOUNDATION$ 54,000.00
2016NZLII - General Funding - Extension$ 37,500.00
2014NZLII - general funding$ 37,500.00
2010NZLII - Environment Court Decisions (Free Public Access)$ 23,396.85
2009NZLII - Development of an ACC Database$ 6,675.00
2011NZLII - Citations Project$ 11,700.00
1999NZ Legal System on Internet$ 9,600.00
2017Muslim Community Rights Project$ 36,990.00
2019Model CRPD compliant legal framework for accessibility in Aotearoa, New Zealand$ 116,500.00
1995Mediation Week - Pilot$ 20,000.00
1997Mediation Month$ 40,000.00
1999Legal Resource Manual$ 150.00
2013Legal Referral Handbook for Shakti caseworkers$ 5,500.00
1999Legal Information to Rural and Isolated Communities$ 25,000.00
2009Law In Schools Project - Christchurch Pilot$ 1,850.00
2012Law in Schools Hamilton$ 2,000.00
1996Law in Schools Co-Ordinators' Training & Writing Project$ 7,300.00
2011Know Your Rights - Legal Television Series$ 19,500.00
1997Information Pack: 'Families Challenging Decisions'$ 12,645.00
1992Information Pack: 'Families Challenging Decisions'$ 12,006.00
1997Health and Safety At Work: A Database of the State of Current Knowledge$ 48,909.00
2007Funding for NZ Legal Information Institute [NZLII]$ 50,000.00
2002Fresh Start - A Resource for Women in Abusive Relationships$ 28,500.00
2016Family Law and Family Justice System Workshops for Social and Community Services$ 10,000.00
2014Family Justice System - Video$ 25,420.00
2018Expansion of judgments on NZLII in the High Court and Court of Appeal databases$ 8,500.00
2013Environment Guide Website$ 39,000.00
2009Enduring Power of Attorney Information (EPA)$ 8,252.00
2002Enduring Power of Attorney Community Education Project$ 40,000.00
2003Enduring Power of Attorney Community Education Project$ 5,000.00
2005Enduring Power of Attorney - Reprint of Resources: Community Education Project$ 7,500.00
2001Enduring Power of Attorney - Education & Information$ 5,500.00
1996Electronic Access to NZ Legal Material$ 4,970.00
2020Designing a new system for 21st century open government$ 90,000.00
2019Crossover Youth - Scoping Study A PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY THE BORRIN FOUNDATION$ 23,000.00
2008Creative People's Centre - Website and information for the arts and creative disciplines$ 30,000.00
2013Constitutional review debate series$ 6,120.00
2016Constitution of Aotearoa New Zealand - Part 2$ 19,100.00
1996Citizens Advice Bureaux - Law Related Information Sheets$ 14,900.00
2000Citizens Advice Bureaux - Law Related information Sheets$ 12,920.00
1992Citizens Advice Bureaux - Law Related information Sheets$ 12,000.00
1993Citizens Advice Bureaux - Assistance with Acquiring Law Materials to Assist Bureaux Worker Training$ 10,000.00
2019Chinese Parties in New Zealand Courts: Issues and Challenges A PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY THE BORRIN FOUNDATION$ 60,000.00
2005CAB Information Sheets Review$ 12,000.00
2002Booklet About Legislation that Affects Blind People$ 25,124.00
1994Booklet - 'When Parents Separate' - A Guide for Children and Young People$ 9,500.00
1999Battered Women's Syndrome - A Practical Guide for NCIWR Advocates$ 4,000.00
2008Auckland Law in Schools Project$ 2,805.00
1995ArtLaw Seminar: A Seminar and Handbook on Legal Issues for Visual Artists/Arts Adminstrators$ 7,500.00
2002Articles for Teachers: 'Copyright in Cyberspace'$ 5,200.00
2019Advice behind the wire: towards a national legal advice service for prisoners A PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY THE BORRIN FOUNDATION$ 22,000.00
2017Access Alliance: Disability Law Reform research$ 20,000.00
1998ACC Appeals Index$ 54,200.00
2017A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand - translation of the text of the Constitution into Māori$ 6,900.00
2008'Youth and the Law' - 4th Edition$ 32,000.00
1992'A Fair Hearing' - Video and Resource Book on School Expulsions$ 30,000.00


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