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August 2014

View Professor Helen Alvaré's Lecture "When Freedoms Collide" - 2014 Sir John Graham Lecture

Professor Helen Alvaré from the George Mason School of Law in Virginia USA was the 2014 presenter of the Maxim Institute’s Sir John Graham Lecture, which was funded by the Law Foundation. Her lecture “When Freedoms Collide” was delivered to an audience of about 250 on 31st July at the Heritage Auckland.

Professor Alvaré is one of many international speakers the Law Foundation is bringing to NZ this year.

“When Freedoms Collide” is about the fundamental right to freedom of conscience and belief. Professor Alvaré considers competing views of freedom that arise; such as whether a pacifist should be forced to go to war and whether euthanasia should be legalised. She initiates discussion on how we maintain a society that is both safe and open to all.

“When Freedoms Collide” is now available on Vimeo courtesy of the Maxim Institute.
About Professor Helen Alvaré

Professor Alvaré has decades of experience as a lawyer, academic, legal consultant and media spokesperson in the area of freedom of conscience.

The Law Foundation contributed $5,000 to bring Professor Alvaré to NZ for this lecture