News Item

October 2015

Canterbury Women's Legal Association - Professional Women's Conference 2015


The 2015 Professional Women’s Conference is being organised by the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association, an organisation dedicated to providing support and networking for women lawyers in the Canterbury Region.

The Law Foundation is supporting the keynote speaker Rabia Siddique to come from Perth. Rabia is a former prosecutor of terrorist and war crimes, an international humanitarian, a retired British Army officer, a hostage survivor and the mother of triplets. Rabia’s life story is an inspiring one that shows a commitment to equality, justice and authentic leadership. She has been described as “more than just a survivor, a fighter, trail blazer and eternal optimist”.

A link to further information about the conference will be added to this page once it becomes available.

The Law Foundation is providing funding of up to $3,000 as a contribution towards the costs of bringing the international keynote speaker to this conference.