News Item

April 2015

New book "Vanishing Nature" highlights need to take action to protect NZ's biodiversity

The new EDS* publication ‘Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis’ presents an exhaustive analysis of New Zealand’s biodiversity status and management. It evaluates its weaknesses and identifies practical options for strengthening it.

The book, produced with funding from the NZ Law Foundation and others, is the result of 2 years research into examining the current legislative and policy framework for protecting our native biodiversity, on land, in lakes and rivers and in the sea. The results are intended to inform government and other stakeholders on potential reforms in this important area.

The authors argue that the fundamental drivers of harm as well as the barriers to effective protection must be addressed if we are to halt the loss of our native species and ecosystems and maintain our natural capital. The book includes a comprehensive suite of strategic, tactical and practical solutions and finishes with a vision and action plan that EDS is committed to champion in the coming years.

Further information about ‘Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis.

NZ Law Foundation has provided funding of $37,000 towards the publication, design costs and researcher costs of this important publication.

*EDS is the Environment Defence Society