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April 2016

Treasury Guest Lecture "The Nature of Prosperity" by Dr Marie Brown



New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity is at risk from political and economic drivers that make protecting nature difficult and costly, while damage is incentivised. The result of this is that nature continues to decline, in spite of some very good work being done throughout the country. Halting and reversing the decline of biodiversity will require strategic changes to align interests of all stakeholders in healthy functioning ecosystems. This presentation will set out the essence of our recent publications on biodiversity and propose some solutions leaving plenty of time for discussion and debate.

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Dr Brown has been supported by the Law Foundation in her research behind these recent EDS publications:

  • Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis – $37,000
  • Pathways to Prosperity: safeguarding biodiversity in development – $50,000

The Law Foundation is presently providing $62,500 for Dr Brown’s latest project “Strengthening Regulatory Outcomes: practice, innovation and enhancement of environmental enforcement in New Zealand”.