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July 2016

Human Rights in New Zealand: Emerging Faultlines - new book release

“Human Rights in New Zealand” was launched by Bridget Williams Books at a public event in Wellington on 20th July.

The book is based on a research report Fault lines: Human Rights in New Zealand published in April 2015 by the book’s authors Judy McGregor, Sylvia Bell and Margaret Wilson – research that was conducted over a 4-year period and also supported by the Law Foundation.

“Human Rights in New Zealand” is a comprehensive survey of the seven major international human rights treaties which New Zealand has signed and ratified, as well as the Universal Periodic Review. The book concludes that significant fault-lines are emerging in the human rights landscape, and that contrary to popular opinion, the rights of New Zealanders are on “shaky ground” and are slowly being eroded. “Human Rights in New Zealand” sets out an agenda for change with recommendations for practical action.

The authors have included additional content in the book, based on feedback on their earlier report, and of particular note is a chapter on the rights of people in detention in New Zealand. This chapter is specifically premised on the Convention Against Torture (CAT) and Optional Protocol to the Convention (OPCAT).

Human Rights in New Zealand Emerging Faultlines is available both in paperback and ebook formats from Bridget Williams Books


Law Foundation provided $8,000 towards the publication of Human Rights in New Zealand