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October 2016

Just released - "Patent Law and Policy" book by Susy Frankel (VUW)

The just released Patent Law and Policy book is Professor Susy Frankel’s second publication based on her Law Foundation funded research project titled “Intellectual Property Law for a Small Developed Country”.

The book addresses two core questions: What is the law in New Zealand when it comes to patents? What is the policy behind the law?

Patent Law and Policy has been co-authored with Jessica Lai, a senior lecturer of commercial law, also from Victoria University of Wellington.

Patent Law and Policy indicates how gaps in the law might be filled and suggests directions that New Zealand might take in patent law and policy, in light of its particular situation as a predominantly patent-importing and small-market economy.

The publishers, LexisNexis, say the book will be of interest to practitioners, scholars and students, and that it includes cutting edge discussion of international legal developments, M?ori interests and the patent system, and trade agreements.

Professor Frankel’s first publication for this project, Test Tubes for Global Intellectual Property Issues, was published by Cambridge University Press in July 2015.

Professor Frankel’s research analysed the optimal intellectual property law framework for NZ, given its status as a small developed country with a marketing economy dependent on international trade.

Patent Law and Policy
Test Tubes for Global Intellectual Property Issues

The Law Foundation provided funding of $50,000 for this intellectual property research.