News Item

February 2017

Five "Last Line of Defence" RMLA Roadshows on Research Findings on Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement of Environmental Law in NZ - by Dr Marie Brown (EDS)

Dr Marie Brown from EDS is presenting five roadshows on her latest Law Foundation–funded research “Strengthening Regulatory Outcomes: practice, innovation and enhancement of environmental enforcement in New Zealand”.

Dates for the Last Line of Defence roadshows:
• 8th Feb Hamilton
• 9th Feb Auckland – sorry fully booked
• 14th Feb Nelson
• 15th Feb Christchurch
• 16th Feb Queenstown

Details about the remaining roadshows
Acquiring a copy of the research report “Last Line of Defence”

This latest research shines a light on the legal basis for compliance monitoring and enforcement in environmental law, the approaches of the agencies in charge, and the practice and outcomes on the ground. Dr Brown will communicate the key findings of this analysis, identifying areas of innovation and areas where more work is needed.

The roadshows will be of interest to those involved in the policy cycle, developers, resource users and the general public.

The Law Foundation has granted up to $62,500 towards this research, and the dissemination of it.