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July 2017

Just announced VUW's Joanna Mossop is Joint winner of 2016 JF Northey Award

The Law Foundation congratulates Joanna Mossop, Senior Lecturer in law at VUW, on becoming the joint winner of the 2016 JF Northey Memorial Book Award.

Her book published in 2016, “The Continental Shelf Beyond 200 Nautical Miles – Rights and Responsibilities”, draws on her Law Foundation–funded research that made the book possible.

Photo of Author Joanna Mossop at the Feb 22nd launch of her book

Joanna’s book addresses very topical issues that are highly relevant to New Zealand. There are a number of coastal states with continental shelves extending well beyond 200 nautical miles, and their resources are already being exploited and their ecosystems damaged and put at risk. Joanna’s book considers the states’ rights and responsibilities that are in tension.

More about the book

The Law Foundation funded $26,600 towards the “Rights and Responsibilities on New Zealand’s Outer Continental Shelf” project.