News Item

July 2017

Research Report launched: "Revised Legal Frameworks for Ownership and Use of Multi-Dwelling Units"

A BRANZ research report co-funded by the Law Foundation was released on 21 July entitled Revised Legal Frameworks for Ownership and Use of Multi-Dwelling Units, written by Elizabeth Toomey, Jeremy Finn, Ben France-Hudson and Jacinta Ruru.

The research aimed to find solutions for better housing in New Zealand by identifying the barriers that currently exist for multi-dwelling units on a single title, or for buildings which mix commercial and residential units on a single title, when those buildings are destroyed by a natural disaster, or as a result of the leaky home syndrome. The Canterbury earthquakes were the catalyst for this research. The report outlines issues arising from cross leases, Papakainga and Whanau Housing on Maori freehold land, Unit Titles and mixed use buildings.

The project was a combined effort of the Faculties of Law at the University of Canterbury and the University of Otago. Funding support came mainly from the BRANZ Building Research Levy, with significant support from the Law Foundation.

Access the research report PDF 338 pages