News Item

April 2018

New research report to inform debate on reforming disability-related law to protect the rights of people with disability

The report “Disability Legislation and Outcomes” examines international models of disability and accessibility law. It evaluates the effectiveness of different legislative models in ensuring that the rights of People with Disabilities (PwD) under the UNCRPD** are delivered effectively, particularly under Article 9 “The Right of Accessibility”.

This Law Foundation funded report provides a literature review of information from selected jurisdictions on their experience of their legislative models, with a view to identifying lessons and possible improvements for New Zealand legislation. It aims to inform public and political debate on the reform of New Zealand’s current disability-related law and to enable more effective protections of rights of PwD under UNCRPD than is the case at present.

NZIER undertook the research and prepared the report commissioned by the Blind Foundation of NZ on behalf of The Access Alliance; a group of disability support agencies, disabled people organisations and disability advocacy groups.

**United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)

Disability Legislation and Outcomes A review of the social and economic impact of disability and accessibility legislation in New Zealand and selected Jurisdictions
Disability Law Policy Brief for the Access Alliance

The Law Foundation provided funding of $40,750 for this research