News Item

September 2018

Two Law Foundation funded projects profiled in LawTalk cover important Environmental Issues - Review of the RMA - Gene Drive Study

Every month Lynda Hagen, our Law Foundation Director, writes a column for the NZ Law Society’s monthly LawTalk magazine, providing insight into the projects we fund.
Our September column covers:

Environmental Defence Society’s review of NZ’s Resource Management System

At the end of this year EDS will release a final project report that will present three options for organising the resource management system. This will inform a wider review by the Government of the Resource Management Act starting next year. It will draw on the project’s already-released working papers and feedback received on them:

Working Paper 1
Working Paper 2
Working Paper 3

The Law Foundation has awarded $356,000 towards EDS’s RMA Review project

Sustainability Council’s Gene Drive Study

The final report for this project suggests that this new pest-eliminating biotechnology should only be introduced after “collective consent” is obtained from neighbouring countries. It says the technology poses worldwide risks for farming and ecology, and with New Zealand’s strong interest in biosecurity, we should be leading the development of international rules.

Report: A Constitutional Moment Gene Drive and International Governance

The Law Foundation awarded $20,840 towards the Gene Drive project

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