Services to the Legal Profession or the Wider Legal Market

Year Project Title Grant Amount 
2020Work-related distress in the New Zealand legal profession: how are lawyers and judges impacted by indirect trauma$ 73,000.00
2019Gender of Counsel Appearing in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal - Stage 2 - 2018-2019$ 1,000.00
2018Culture in the Legal Profession Report A PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY THE BORRIN FOUNDATION$ 10,000.00
2017Gender of counsel appearing in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal - Stage 1 2012-2017$ 7,000.00
2015Retaining Graduates in the Legal Profession$ 24,547.00
2009New Zealand Uniform Guide to Legal Citation - NZ Law Style Guide$ 15,000.00
2005NZ Law Students' Association Website Development$ 2,500.00
2001Specialisation Scheme - Feasibility Study and Report$ 38,875.00
2001Legal Portal Project - Scoping Review: Phase I$ 13,050.00
2001Legal Portal Project - Seeding Funding$ 1,416,642.24
1999Information Needs of the Profession - LILS Committee Investigation$ 120,000.00
1998Computerised Index Access to the ODLS Library$ 9,220.00
1998LINX Database: Year 2000 Compliance$ 88,000.00
1998Trust Account Partner Programme Cost Subsidisation - 1999-2001$ 78,400.00
1998United Nations Secondment - Emma Huston$ 4,500.00
1997Review of Headnotes for the LINX Database$ 8,400.00
1997Implementing EEO$ 110,400.00
1996Polls of the Public, Lawyers and Law Firms on Delivery of Legal Services$ 67,120.00
1996Development of Information Services for the Legal Profession$ 57,500.00
1996Analysis of Training and Educational Needs of Legal Executives in New Zealand$ 36,400.00
1995Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Resources for Practitioners$ 5,000.00
1995Privacy Act: Development of Code of Practice and Guidance Rules for the Legal Profession$ 20,250.00
1995Development of Specialist Training for Law Librarians$ 11,000.00
1995NZLS Scholarship Capital Supplements - Cleary Memorial Prize & Centennial Scholarship$ 30,000.00
1995Re-Evaluation of Audit Procedures for the NZ Legal Profession$ 120,000.00
1995Review of the Auckland District Law Society Legal Practice Manual$ 10,000.00
1993Research: Information Needs of the Profession (Taylor Baines Report)$ 154,920.00
1993Taxation Database for the Briefcase Legal Database$ 15,000.00
1993Expansion of LINX Database$ 5,000.00
1993Research: Reform of Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures for the Legal Profession$ 50,000.00


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