Delivering legal knowledge – with independence, quality and enduring impact – through legal research grants and scholarship.

The New Zealand Law Foundation – Te Manatū a Ture o Aotearoa – provides grants for legal research, public education on legal matters and legal training.  We support research in the law and develop legal expertise on major and emerging public policy issues through our legal research grants programme.  We operate a Legal Research and a General Law Grants Programme, and award a variety of Law Scholarships each year. How to Apply

The Foundation fulfils a unique and important role in New Zealand’s political and social development through funding quality legal research in New Zealand.  Many of our funded projects have delivered ground-breaking legal research and stimulated new thinking and debate around law and policy in New Zealand.  We are proud of the success of the legal research projects we have funded through our grants.

Our law grants, scholarships, fellowships and prizes are awarded for legal research, outstanding legal scholarship and service to the legal profession.  The most prestigious of our awards is our International Research Fellowship, New Zealand’s premier legal research award, worth $125,000.  The Foundation also awards an annual Distinguished Visiting Fellowship to bring outstanding international scholars to New Zealand.