Our Staff

Lynda Hagen is our Executive Director

Lynda has been helping applicants develop research projects for many years.  She is highly knowledgeable about legal research in New Zealand.  She works to identify important topics, and inspires researchers to aim for the highest quality legal research projects possible.  We encourage applicants to discuss their projects with Lynda prior to submitting an application.Lynda can be contacted on her direct line 04 499-1038 or by email on lynda@lawfoundation.org.nz

Dianne Gallagher is our Grants Manager and Marketing Support person.

Contact Dianne for questions on current grants and for help with our online application process. Dianne can also help with queries about the Law Foundation’s events and publications.  She can help you find copies of our latest research reports and publications, and information on anything else featured on our website. Dianne can be contacted on her DDI 04 595-1141 or by email on dianne@lawfoundation.org.nz

Richman Wee, ILAPP Project Manager

Richman Wee is our ILAPP Project Manager

Richman is the Project Manager for our Information Law and Policy Project (ILAPP).  Contact Richman with all queries about the project and before applying for ILAPP funding.   Richman can be contacted on his DDI 04 595-1123 or by email on richman@lawfoundation.org.nz 

Wendy Runciman is our Financial Administrator

Wendy is able to help with all financial enquiries, general office administration enquiries and with questions on current grants.Wendy can be contacted on 04 499-1037 or by email on wendy@lawfoundation.org.nz


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