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December 2019

Report release: PUREA NEI: Changing the Culture of the Legal Profession

Today marks the release of the research report “Purea Nei: Changing the Culture of the Legal Profession”, resulting from a project to engage people of all genders in the legal profession in New Zealand about issues such as workplace expectations and culture, diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment, bullying, gender equality, training and education, leadership, management, remuneration, the future of work and several other employment-related issues.

Supported by the Law Foundation, and co-funded with the Borrin foundation, this solutions-focused report captures ideas for change.

Lead investigators Ana Lenard, Allanah Colley and Bridget McLay from the New Zealand Women’s Law Journal, collected a breadth of experiences, ideas and practical tips and tools collected from over 700 people who participated in this research.

Purea Nei means to cleanse and renew and the researchers state, “we hope that this document provides a useful springboard for workplace, and broader, conversations about how we can improve the culture of the legal profession.”

Research Report: PUREA NEI: Changing the Culture of the Legal Profession – PDF, 68 pages
Link to video of launch of Purea Nei report and panel discussion, 26th Feb 2020, 1hr 12 mins

NZ Law Foundation provided $10,000 towards the research and writing of this report