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September 2017

Conference - Reforming the law of evidence: Reflecting on the first 10 years of the Evidence Act 2006


On 1 Aug 2017 the Evidence Act 2006 will have been in force for 10 years. To mark this occasion as well as the Law Commission’s work on the second five-yearly review of the Act’s operation, a conference and workshop, run by the University of Canterbury Law Faculty, will be held at the VUW Law School on Friday 8 Sept 2017.

The programme will consist of an overview of a number of current issues presented by several academics and practitioners, followed by an afternoon of smaller group discussion to explore possible reform options, or practical responses, in areas such as veracity and propensity, improperly obtained evidence, privilege, expert evidence and the support of vulnerable witnesses. Discussions will be co-facilitated by leading Australian evidence law academics, who will be able to offer valuable comparative observations and suggestions, given the shared genesis of the New Zealand legislation and the Uniform Evidence Law.

Conference details – Reforming the Law of Evidence

The Law Foundation is providing up to $2,000 towards speakers for the conference.