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October 2018

Recently funded Law Foundation projects cover a range of legal matters

Director of the Law Foundation, Lynda Hagen, has written her most recent article for LawTalk, putting the spotlight on six new projects funded by the Law Foundation. All the projects seek to clarify and improve the law in their chosen areas:

Evaluating the Pilot Specialist Sexual Violence Courts – A team led by psychology Professor Fred Seymour of the University of Auckland, will undertake an 18-month study to assess whether evidence gathering from children at two pilot specialist sexual violence courts has been more effective than in the regular courts.

Social Enterprises and Companies Act – The Akina Foundation will investigate appropriate changes regarding whether social enterprises, businesses delivering social or environmental benefit, are unduly influenced by the Companies Act.

Automatic union enrolment for workers – Professor Mark Harcourt of Waikato University is leading a study to investigate the consequences of re-introducing automatic enrolment of workers into a union. Public support for the idea will also be assessed.

Tikanga-based interventions for Rangatahi Courts – A research team led by Jennifer George for the Henwood Trust will interview Rangatahi judges, psychologists, iwi representatives and NGOs to identify best practice in order to assist community-based providers to develop tikanga-based interventions for youth from the Rangatahi Courts.

Crown/M?ori relations book – A new book on Crown/M?ori relations in the last decade is being written by former Minister of Treaty Negotiations, Christopher Finlayson QC.

Audio-visual manipulation issues* – The social, legal and policy issues of audio-visual manipulation will be assessed by lawyer and legal researcher Tom Barraclough, culminating in a report to guide technology developers, consumers and policy-makers.

More detailed information on these, and other Law Foundation projects can be found via these web pages and Lynda’s full LawTalk article:

Projects we have funded
*Information Law and Policy Projects Funded
Lynda’s full article is on P59 of LawTalk 922, Oct 2018